Welcome to my page. Here is where I’ll be previewing short stories that lead into the novel called The Immortality Syndrome. The Immortality Syndrome is a novel about a virus that makes everyone live forever. You can read the Prolouge of the novel here. Read it? Good. Now comes the rest of it.

These stories aren’t in the novel. But they cover things and ideas I wanted to explore for the novel, but just didn’t have the room. The beautiful thing about the world I created is that there are literally hundreds of stories out there. Different people at different points of their lives when everything went down. Not to mention the different points in time I can cover with this story.

Each story will be self contained. Some longer then others, but on the whole I plan there to be something for everyone. And best of all they will be free. No charge. Comments would be appreciated however.

A special thanks to Michael Alan Nelson for this idea. Check out his online novel called Dingo if you get the chance. Great read.

Alright enough from me. Enjoy. See you wednesday.



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